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Manchester United

We ask every Manchester United supporter, from screen fans to hardline fans, from remote supporters to people who are native to Manchester or Mancunian: Exactly what date was Manchester United first formed?

Most people will say Manchester United was formed in 1878. At that time their name was not Manchester United, but Newton Heath LYR. LYR stands for "Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway" which is the railroad company, the company that financed them in the first place.

There's nothing wrong with the information above. Year 1878 means is about 139 years ago. However, the exact date Newton Heath LYR was formed, as far as I searched and I asked, no one knows.

Sometimes historical records are lost or destroyed, and this myth has been considered a fact for 139 years, and actually no one protests about the exact date: but everyone is so sure that Newton Heath LYR was first formed in 1878. The date and month, I don't know. .

There is no actual data regarding when Newton Heath LYR was founded, the forerunner of the Manchester United team, or simply the date this team was registered.

This happened because the history of Man United's first years was destroyed along with the bomb dropped by a German war plane on the night of March 11, 1941, which reduced Old Traffod to rubble.

So, to find out the exact date of the founding of Man United, we really have to dig into the history of the ruins of the second World War. An excavation that has turned up nothing but myths so far.

Even a United historian of the caliber named Geoffery Green cannot find a date when Newton Heath LYR was formed, let alone us. In his book entitled There's Only One United, he says; "The exact date of birth of [Newton Heath LYR or Manchester United] is buried at the bottom of time. It's like looking for footprints on a sandy beach that has been swept long ago by waves."

But one thing is clear, Green believes that 1878 was the year Man United was founded. This is confirmed in the book The History of the Lancashire Football Association.

In another note that I found in "Unofficial and International Blog About FC United of Manchester", a writer who is the co-founder of FC United of Manchester (FCUM)* wrote that March 5, 1878 was the first time Newton Heath LYR was formed and while playing their first match.

Please note, the sources I quote here are not fully accountable. However, seeing what I've been looking for and I've asked so far, only the writing above clearly states the date, month, and year one of the formation or the first match of Newton Heath LYR was formed. So, believe it or not, please just read it.

On March 5, 1878, after Newton Heath LYR was formed, they immediately played a football match against their kind of team, namely from the yar and depot companies.

The match was held at North Road, a church-owned stadium leased by LYR which has a capacity of 12,000 spectators. In that match, Newton Heath LYR wore a green and yellow (gold) uniform, the colors that represent the LYR company.

Manchester City

Manchester City has a long history in English football. The club nicknamed The Citizens must experience phases of ups and downs to become one of the clubs to be reckoned with in England.

Manchester City was born from the embryo of a St Mark's Church football club in 1880. At that time, the Romans with the church system ruled the world government.

The beginning of the formation of Manchester City was marked by the appointment of Arthur Connell as head of St Mark's Church in West Gorton, a district in the eastern part of the City of Manchester.

Crime in the City of Manchester at that time was very high. Arthur Connell's daughter, Anna Connell wants to form a youth sports association to lower the crime rate in the City of Manchester. Thus, a cricket club was born under St Mark's Church in 1868.

Furthermore, the cricket club underwent a change into a football team called St. Marks (West Gordon) in 1880. The emergence of the football team could not be separated from the world's popularity of bal-bal which began to rise.

In 1887, the team evolved into Ardwick AFC, as it moved its headquarters to Hyde Road. Ardwick AFC became one of the founding clubs of the English Second Division in 1892. Two years later, Ardwick AFC changed its name to Manchester City Football Club, along with representing Hyde Road in the English Second Division competition.

Manchester City were finally able to win Division Two in 1989. The Citizens were promoted to the Premier League. In 1904, Manchester City became the first Manchester City club to win the FA Cup when they beat Bolton Wanderers 1-0.

Then, Manchester City had to experience a vacuum period with other clubs after World War I in 1914 to 1918. Manchester City began to return to activity by moving its headquarters to Maine Road in 1923, along with the burning of Hyde Road.

In 1926, Manchester City had to be relegated to Division Two. In fact, Manchester City won the most landslide first victory in the Manchester Derby against Manchester United at Old Trafford, with a landslide score of 6-1.

Two years later, Manchester City returned to promotion to the Premier League after winning the Second Division. Manchester City then made an achievement by winning the FA Cup for the second time in 1934, after beating Portsmouth 2-1.

Three years later, Manchester City won the inaugural Premier League title. After that, Manchester City's up-and-down phase occurred.

Until finally, Manchester City won their second English Premier League title in 1968. One year later, Manchester City won the FA Cup for the third time after beating Leicester City 1-0 at Wembley Stadium.

One year later, Manchester City won the inaugural title in European competition. The Citizens won the Cup Winners' Cup title in 1970. This title was complemented by the success of Manchester City in winning the English League Cup in the same year.


 Early History of Standing Chelsea Club, England – Chelsea Football Club or more commonly known as The blues (the pensioners) is an English football club based in London. Founded by H.A.Mears in 1905, and already has its own stadium, namely Stamford Bridge, located in London, with a capacity of approximately 42,360 spectators.

Chelsea itself has filled the history of the English football world and experienced success several times.

In 1904 H.A. In 1904 Gus Mears acquired the Stamford Bridge athletics stadium with the aim of turning it into a football ground. He then planned the founding of a new football club after an offer made to Fulham to use the stadium was rejected.

Considering that there was already a club called Fulham, the name Chelsea which is a small town adjacent to the stadium was chosen as the name of the new club. Other names such as Kensington FC, Stamford Bridge FC and London FC were considered for selection.

Their first match occurred on September 2, 1905, an away game face Stockport County. Chelsea lost with a score of 0-1. While their first home game was a 4-0 victory in a friendly match against Liverpool. Robertson is also the first goal scorer for Chelsea in competitive matches while the 1-0 win over Blackpool.

Chelsea experienced a number of promotions and relegations in Division One and Division Two of the Premier League after winning promotion to Division One in their second season. Their best achievement in the early years was making it to the 1915 FA Cup final but losing to Sheffield United at Old Trafford and ending Division One in third place in the final standings in 1920.

Chelsea had a reputation for bringing in big-name players and huge crowds, but success still didn't come to them during World Wars I and II.

Former Arsenal and England forward Ted Drake became manager in 1952. Drake began to modernize the club both on and off the pitch. He replaced the Chelsea pensioner logo, improved the training and coaching system for the youth team, and strengthened the depth of the team by shrewdly bringing in a number of players from the lower divisions and amateur leagues to successfully bring Chelsea to their first championship trophy, the English League First Division title. 1954–55.

In the following season, UEFA held a championship between the European league champions, the Champions Cup, but disagreements with the English Football League and FA authorities made Chelsea withdraw from the championship before it started. in the decade of the 1950s. Drake was fired in 1961 and replaced by Tommy Docherty who doubled as player-manager.

Chelsea won the English Premier League again 50 years later, namely in 2005, during the tenure of manager Jose Mourinho (2004 – 2007), who at that time had the full support of the billionaire Russian oil owner, Roman Abramovich.

In the same year (2005), Chelsea also won the Carling Cup by beating Liverpool. Then in 2006, Chelsea won the Premier League again. And in 2007, Chelsea won the Carling Cup again after beating Arsenal 2-1 and won the FA Cup after beating Manchester United 1-0 through extra time.


 It didn't take long for Barca to reap success in the regional competition era, namely the Campionat de Catalunya and the Copa del Rey. In 1902, Barca won the first trophy in 1902, namely the Copa Macaya.

Barcelona's journey was not always smooth. Los Blaugrana was plagued by financial problems after winning the Campionat de Catalunya in the 1904-1905 season. Three years without a title and continuing to have financial problems, finally Joan Gamper who became the founder of Barcelona was appointed as club president.

Then in the 1910s, Barca became a symbol of the Catalan region, which they have maintained until now. Of course Barca's success cannot be separated from the important role of Joan Gamper. Not only did he lead Barca to win the championship, this man from Switzerland also saved Barca from bankruptcy and built a new stadium for Barcelona.

In 2003, Joan Laporta was appointed as the new president and marked the rise of El Barca. The presence of coach Frank Rijkaard also became the pinnacle of Barca's success in the mid-2000s. At that time, La Masia graduates such as Carles Puyol, Andres Iniesta and Xavi Hernandes, made Barca even more unbeatable.

Besides that, the presence of Lionel Messi is also an important record in the history of Barcelona. Messi then developed into the best player in Barcelona and also in the world, even one of the best players in the history of football. In 2008, Pap Guardiola was appointed as the new coach and was able to bring Barcelona to win 6 trophies, including La Liga, Champions League and Club World Cup.


 Arsenal is one of the best clubs in the Premier League. This London-based club is one of the many clubs in the world that has many fans. So far, Arsenal are also still the record holder as a team that is able to win the Premier League without even touching a single defeat.

Arsenal was founded in the Woolwich area, southeast of London in 1886 under the name Dial Square, then quickly changed its name to Royal Arsenal.

However, in 1891 Royal Arsenal changed its name to Woolwich Arsenal. In 1893 they finally joined the FL or Football League. The team moved to Highbury in 1913 and were already members of the second division.

Along with World War I, they were selected to enter the competition in the first division that was starting to stretch, the division in which they have remained until now.

Arsenal's triumph in English football was first started by coach Herbert Chapman who coached in the 1925-35 range and managed to win several English domestic competitions such as the FA Cup, Premier League title and Charity Shield, while dominating it and making Arsenal the most dominant force in England. at that time.

The second World War prevented Arsenal from competing normally and effectively, but after Tom Whittaker became manager, success started to come again.

Era of the 60's, Arsenal's achievements faded. During that decade, they only won 2 League Cup finals, namely in 1968 and 1969. After Bertie Mee took over in the mid-60's, they again won one of the European club cup competitions, the Fairs Cup, in the 1969/70 season with beat Anderlecht with an aggregate score of 4-3.

After this period, Arsenal managed to add to their collection with several domestic titles, but they were unable to get a title from European competition.

In the era of the 90s, Arsenal's achievements in Europe improved again after in 1994, under coach George Graham, Arsenal again won the European championship by beating Parma FC 1-0. Arsenal made it back to the final the following year, but this time they lost to Real Zaragoza 2-1.

The arrival of coach Arsene Wenger to Arsenal in 1996 succeeded in making the London cannon team victorious again and succeeded in breaking down Manchester United's dominance in the Premier League at that time. Arsenal also finished runners-up in the UEFA Cup in 2000 after losing against Galatasaray.

In the 2003/04 season until the start of the 2004/05 season, Arsenal managed to score a record of 49 unbeaten matches and broke Nottingham Forest F.C.'s record, with 42 unbeaten runs, which is the longest record in English football history.

In the 2005-06 season, Arsenal regained achievements on the European scene by becoming a Champions League finalist, although they lost to FC Barcelona by a score of 2-1 at the Stade de France, Paris.

The Wenger era has been one of the best in Arsenal's history. In the hands of the French man, Arsenal succeeded in taking advantage of young seeds, by issuing a policy of only giving contracts of no more than one year to players over 30 years of age.

Until the Arsene Wenger Era ended, Arsenal were still a strong candidate in the competition to win the Premier League ladder. The eternal rival of Tottenham Hotspurs is still maintaining its stability to be able to present an entertaining game.

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